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Hello, and welcome to Ask The Experts®

I recently had the opportunity to speak to a person that mentioned to me that she always takes time to read  “Ask The Experts”.  I wanted to know why?  What interested her the most?  What was she looking for?

Being a single Mother, she spoke about how she uses the ads in the Experts as a reference guide for what ever she needs.  It was easy for her as The Experts Corporation have already done the work finding trustworthy businesses and are constantly updating their list of Experts.  The articles are informative, which makes it easy to find a company that you need to contact.  If a particular service was required, the phone numbers are there for easy access and all people contacted where more than willing to help and if they could not, referred her to some one that would.

She felt the advice to cool off her stucco with a garden hose to keep air conditioning costs down very helpful.   Who Knew!! And that piece of information was passed on to many friends

I think she represents exactly why this publication is a success.  It was started to help the general public who have no knowledge in a particular field but needing expert help.  Either with a surgeon or home repairs it is a place to start and more than most usually stay there.

It’s nice to know that the articles, which appear in this publication, are used and appreciated as a place for Expert advice.  If you are looking for a business that can provide you with the knowledge and confidence to continue forward in your project or self-improvement, look no farther….. You have found it in the Experts


Kevin Panko

C.E.O The Experts Corp.

Publisher of Ask The Experts

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