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Hello, and welcome to Ask The Experts®

Welcome to the July issue of Ask The Experts®.  Summer is finally here! After all the wet and dreary weather, the best season of the year has finally arrived. All the children are out of school, and enjoying the much needed summer break. We hope that everyone has a wonderful summer, enjoying the outdoors with loved ones and more importantly soaking up the sweet sunlight. Many people will be taking holidays, but not The Experts®, they are always on call to help serve our communities.  They are masters in our fields helping you through life’s tough choices.

 Making big purchases this summer? Ask The Experts®. Need a hand with some pesky renovations? Ask The Experts®.  Our Experts® are full credibility, integrity, and accountability. They are The Experts You Need To Know®. We look forward to hearing from you, remember if you ever have any questions for Our Experts® please email them to or at and don’t forget to like our Facebook page!

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