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“What the mind can conceive the mind can achieve”

Making sure that realistic dreams are the key to achieving what the heart desires. Be sure to always set your goals high, it takes just as much energy to achieve small goals as it does to achieve your biggest dreams.

My mother taught me this lesson. I would like to personally thank my mother Doris for always being there for me whenever I needed. She helped me through my highs and lows  and always encouraged me to get up and try again. She was always my motivator. I would also like to thank my Grandma (who is celebrating her 100th birthday!) for being the greatest mother to my own mother. Without Grandma,  I wouldn’t exist. These two women along with my beautiful wife Samal, have taught me the greatest lessons in life and how to always strive to obtain my goals. Here at The Experts® we are always striving to better ourselves and obtain our goals. This Mother’s Day, be sure to show not only your mothers but all the woman in this world how grateful we are for everything they have done for us over the years. Stop in and visit one of Our Experts® and pick up the perfect gift for the special Mother figure in your life.

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